Kid Trax is a parental ‘peace-of-mind’ App that allows you to keep track of where your kids play, who they are with and provides you the ability to contact the parent that is supervising them playing

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Use our App in any Caravan or Holiday Park in Australia that offers our service. Simply download the Kid Trax App from the Android App store, Apple Store or Google Play and register at the Park you are visiting. You can use the same account in any Park across Australia that offers our service, saving your money and your sanity!


State-of-the-art technology (we had a heap of boffins work on this!) to get instant alerts about your kids location through real-time communication with other parents keeping kids safely supervised when playing across the Caravan Park. Kid Trax is a unique and innovative parental safety system powered by advanced technologies in both mobile applications and database management systems (boffin speak!)

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Why this App?

Kid Trax has been designed by a group of parents for other parents whose kids do the normal thing on holidays - i.e. running around playing across sites in the Caravan Park. And if you're like most parents - it can sometimes be a challenge locating them when you need to!

This App provides parents with the freedom of knowing that their kids playing across the park are supervised and easily contacted if and when needed – providing peace of mind to all.
Kid Trax supports private (no details shared) communication between parents – using sms (text), email or phone.
Create and update your own kids profile/s. Upload a photo if you wish to help other parents recognise your child (optional). This feature is especially useful if needing to include special information about your child such as allergies, time that they must be home by, swimming ability, favourite pizza topping etc. (all the important stuff!).

Application Features

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This is how kid trax works


When you arrive at the Park, confirm that they support Kid Trax – then simply register your children for the time that you are staying there. If they don’t support Kid Trax – ask them why?

Check In Process

When your kids go to another site within the Park, other parents (also super smart Kid Trax users) simply check them ‘IN’ when they arrive and then ‘OUT’ when they leave… a bit like a Daycare centre (and who doesn’t feel like they’re running one of those sometimes!)

Find My Kid

When you want to get the kids location or if you want to pass on and message them.
Super important safety fact: You can only search for and locate your OWN kids

Contact Operator

For when you need to contact the park operator.

Boomerang Alert

To be used when you can’t locate your kid (i.e. not logged in anywhere) – this sends a sms message to ALL Kid Trax users in the Park to help you locate and get your child back (just like a boomerang!)

Contact Parents

As the Host Parent – this feature allows you to contact the parents of any visiting child to pass on a message.

  • Instant alerts when your kid moves In or Out from a place

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    • For general enquiry   : info@kidtraxapp.com
    • For technical support: support@kidtraxapp.com

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